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Jubilee Wharf

Jubilee WharfThe company’s clientele has spanned a wide range of well-known organisations, however our involvement in the construction of Jubilee Wharf located in Penryn, Cornwall is our largest project to date. 

Jubilee Wharf which expands over 1,800m² has become a key leader in sustainable development. As part of the £3m development, in order to successfully supply the building with heating and water, Project Heating installed Uponor’s flexibile PEX (polythene cross linked) and MLC (Multi-layer composite) pipe.

Our Contracts Director Rob McCarthy explains that the Uponor pipe was chosen for this project as it has become a well-respected material that possesses great qualities for underfloor heating including: 

Our choice of PEX pipe allowed us to complete the job within a shorter time frame. This ultimately reduced the cost of the project benefiting everyone involved by speeding up the completion process.  In addition to this we also used MLC pipe due to its stable yet flexible plumbing technology and prolonged life due to the pipes oxygen tight construction.

Our high quality service and involvement with this project is still being recognised today as Jubilee Wharf has become a leading example for sustainable development.